About Creator Fest


A letter from Daniel Williamson

Since its inception, OpenStax has been about much more than just textbooks; OpenStax is about giving communities the freedom to create the future of education. That's why OpenStax convened its first ever OpenStax Creator Fest last year in Houston, Texas.

This year, at OpenStax Creator Fest 2019, we will leverage the diverse experiences, talents, and perspectives of more than 13,000 OpenStax adopters to collaboratively create the next series of learning resources that classrooms need. We're inviting instructors from across the country to collaborate with their peers, put their knowledge into practice, and join OpenStax in creating the future of education – together.

The idea for this conference originated from a need expressed again and again by the OpenStax user community: additional open ancillary resources such as test banks, problem sets, and enhanced PowerPoint slides that are built around the OpenStax titles that they’re currently using.

Through conversations with faculty members around the nation, we learned that many teachers have taken advantage of OpenStax's openly licensed content and have already adapted and added to that content to create their own ancillary resources. What if we gathered individuals like them together and gave them the structure, support, and the post-project editorial review to create high-quality resources that could then be shared with the entire educational community?

OpenStax Creator Fest will bring together subject matter experts to facilitate collaborative sessions where participants will work together to create the ancillary resources needed for their classes. These ancillary resources will then be vetted and published, and will become accessible for instructors around the world to use.

OpenStax Creator Fest will not be a traditional conference where participants sit through a series of lecture-style sessions or panels. Instead, this conference will engage its participants in a hack-a-thon-like experience that will result in the creation of concrete, useable tools beneficial to the entire teaching community.

It is our hope that OpenStax Creator Fest will give the like-minded individuals who gather in Houston the opportunity to form stronger bonds and a stronger community built around open practice.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Houston in April (when it’s actually quite pleasant around here!) and to working alongside you as we expand the reach, usability, and accessibility of open educational resources.


Daniel Williamson, OpenStax Managing Director



Rice University
BRC Building
6500 South Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005